Radio appearances


Classic FM, from 7 Sep 2019
Sounds and Sweet Airs – Series 2
Debbie Wiseman presents an 8-part series for Classic FM celebrating the music – and the lives – of some of the world’s greatest female composers.

BBC Radio 4, 13 March 2019

Debbie Wiseman in conversation with director Peter Kosminsky

BBC Radio 3, 4-8 March 2019
Composer of the Week
Debbie Wiseman is Donald Macleod’s guest on Composer of the Week

Classic FM, from 22 Sep 2018
Sounds and Sweet Airs
Debbie Wiseman presents a 6-part series for Classic FM celebrating the music – and the lives – of some of the world’s greatest female composers.

BBC Radio 3, 30 May 2018
Debbie Wiseman joins Sean Rafferty in the In Tune studio

BBC Radio 4, 2 June 2018
Debbie Wiseman joins Clive Anderson and Tom Allen in the Loose Ends studio

BBC Radio 4, 12 May 2016
The Today Programme

BBC Radio 3, 11 May 2016
In Tune
Debbie Wiseman joins Suzy Klein in the In Tune Studio

BBC Radio 4, 23 January 2016
Saturday Live
Debbie joins Reverend Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir in the studio

BBC London 94.9, 27 April 2015
Robert Elms 
Debbie Wiseman joins Robert Elms as his Listed Londoner

BBC Radio 4, 12 April 2015
Same Tune, Different Song
Debbie Wiseman explores the world of the song lyricist, providing a rare window into an age-old industry

BBC Radio 4, 18 March 2015
Debbie Wiseman is interviewed about classical music on Radio 4’s PM programme.

BBC Radio 3, 14 March 2015
Saturday Classics
Debbie Wiseman presents Radio 3’s Saturday Classics and chooses her favourite music

BBC London 94.9, 5 March 2015
The Simon Lederman Show 
Debbie Wiseman joins Simon Lederman to review the papers and chat about her score for Wolf Hall

Classic FM, 25 January 2015
Charlotte Green’s Culture Club
Charlotte Green interviews Debbie Wiseman about her score for Wolf Hall

BBC local radio, 22 January 2015
Mark Forrest
Mark finds out about the locations used in the filming of the new BBC drama Wolf Hall and chats to director Peter Kosminsky and composer Debbie Wiseman.

BBC Radio 4, 13 January 2015
Woman’s Hour
Jane Garvey talks to Debbie Wiseman about her score for the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall

BBC Radio 4, 19 / 24 October 2014
Desert Island Discs
Kirsty Young interviews Debbie Wiseman who chooses the eight discs she would most like to have with her if she were castaway on the mythical desert island

BBC London 94.9, 15 October 2014
The Simon Lederman Show
Debbie Wiseman joins Simon Lederman and Christina Michalos to review the papers

BBC London 94.9, 10 April 2014
The Simon Lederman Show
Debbie Wiseman joins Simon Lederman to play live excerpts from her score to “A Poet In New York”

BBC London 94.9, 6 March 2014
The Simon Lederman Show
Debbie Wiseman joins Simon Lederman and Lynsey de Paul to review the papers

BBC Radio 4, 3 February 2014
The Today Programme
James Naughtie discusses the role of women in classical music with Jude Kelly and Debbie Wiseman

BBC London 94.9, 25 November 2013
The Simon Lederman Show
Debbie Wiseman joins Simon Lederman and Russ Kane to review the papers

BBC Radio 4, 24 October 2013
The World Tonight
Debbie Wiseman joins The World Tonight team to discuss the National Anthem, and plays her own new versions of the tune
The item starts at approx 38 mins into the programme

BBC Radio 3, 23 September 2013
Essential Classics
Debbie is Rob Cowan’s guest all this week at 10.30am Mon-Fri on BBC Radio 3’s excellent morning programme Essential Classics.

BBC Radio 3, 6 July 2013
Saturday Live
Debbie joins Reverend Richard Coles and Sian Williams as their studio guest.

BBC Radio 4, 9 March 2013
Loose Ends
Clive Anderson tickles the ivories with award winning film and TV composer, Debbie Wiseman. (Debbie gave a rare solo piano appearance at St George’s, Bristol on Thursday 14th March.)

BBC Radio 4, 16 February 2013
Saturday Live
Debbie Wiseman chats with JP Devlin about the similarities between snooker and music

BBC Radio 4, 8 January 2013
Scoring Father Brown
Scoring Father Brown is a unique exploration of the world of writing music for film and television. Debbie Wiseman takes us on her own individual journey as a composer, through the processes and stages she took, when scoring music for this television series. Based on the stories by G. K. Chesterton, Father Brown is a charismatic sleuth, concerned with the redemption of the soul. Music is required to underpin these episodes, such as heightening emotions or joining scenes together, but it is essential that from the very outset, for the music to capture the individual world of Father Brown.

BBC Radio 4, 29 May 2012
The Today Programme
Justin Webb talks to Debbie Wiseman about the New Water Music and to music critic Mark Bywater about the long history of royal music.

BBC Radio 4, 23 February 2012
Front Row
Mark Lawson speaks to two of the ten composers taking inspiration from Handel’s Water Music for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The new works will be performed as part of the 1000 boat flotilla travelling down the Thames on June 3. Debbie Wiseman, whose film scores include Tom and Viv and Wilde, and Christopher Gunning, whose music includes the theme for Poirot, talk about the challenges of re-imagining Handel’s famous score.

BBC Radio 4, 25 December 2011
Your Desert Island Discs
Kirsty Young presents a festive collection of stories and music from Your Desert Island Discs where listeners are the castaways. Kirsty and her studio guests – broadcaster and Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley, comedian, actor and musician Bill Bailey and composer and conductor Debbie Wiseman – mull over the choices of Christmas and comedy songs. They also discuss some of the musical choices inspired by the castaways’ stories from rock to reggae and Beethoven to the Bee Gees, and consider the enduring appeal of record sleeves and the pleasures of singing together.

BBC Radio 4, 13 September 2011
Woman’s Hour
Debbie Wiseman talks to Jane Garvey about the release of her Warner Classics CD Piano Stories

BBC Radio 4, 26 July 2011
Composer Joseph Horovitz: No Ordinary Joe
Joseph Horovitz is a composer of concertos and ballets, operas and chamber music, yet he is best known for other kinds of music such as Rumpole of the Bailey, and Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo. Composer Debbie Wiseman in interview with Joseph Horovitz, journeys through his remarkable life and career.