Reviews – Freeze Frame

by David Rooney, Variety

“Freeze Frame” is a mystery viewed through Big Brother surveillance technology and executed in the style of early David Fincher. Story of an unjustly accused murder suspect who videotapes himself around the clock to establish an alibi may be too one-note for commercial impact. But it signals a talented newcomer in writer-director John Simpson and boasts a gripping performance from Brit comedian Lee Evans…

This is enhanced by a dense soundtrack that includes Debbie Wiseman’s robust orchestral score and Simon Thorne’s sharp editing, full of sudden shifts between cameras and formats and into multiple-cam spilt screen.


by The Irish Times

One of cinema’s most pointed commentaries on our Orwellian world of CCTV…

The edgy mood of this auspicious feature debut is enhanced by composer Debbie Wiseman’s terrific orchestral soundtrack – a grand and highly effective score reminiscent of Bernard Hermann’s work and with a nod or two to John